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"I spend hours trying to figure out the deposits. They never match reports and it's always a big mess. ” 

Trying to reconcile your payouts can be a major time-suck. And when you're having to comb through thousands of transactions, that becomes a nightmare.

With bookkeep.com's Daily Summary app, it doesn't have to be.

You set it once.

We post a summary of your store sales.

Your fees are split out so you can match your deposits and be done.

It's clean, it's clear, it reconciles, and QuickBooks will thank you for not putting it on overdrive.


Terms and Conditions
© 2019 bookkeep.com

The easiest way to summarize Square transactions into one post and have it reconciled.


The easiest way to summarize Square transactions into one post and have it reconciled.

Reconcile Square payouts to QuickBooks

A faster alternative to spreadsheet maneuvering and manual corrections

Accurate reconciliation in minutes, not hours

bookkeep.com imports organized data for you each time- all your sales data are neatly separated. Leave the guesswork out of trying to piece together all your transactions.

Guided setup support from start to finish 

We're here to help you get started. Our customer support team and accountants are ready to help you map your chart of accounts and get your settings right.

All you have to do is add the app from inside your Square store and connect your QuickBooks Online account.

Keeps your book clean and easy to maintain

Our tools are surprisingly easy to use. You set it up once, and it'll automatically reconcile your sales each day. Keeping your books from spiraling out of control has never been easier.

How it works

Summarizes transactions

bookkeep.com summarizes all your Square transactions and separates the fees

Posts a summary

You get a simple journal entry with all the fees in the appropriate accounts in QuickBooks

Reconciles your payout

It checks your bank account to make sure the deposits match and reconcile


3 big reasons e-commerce accountants don't recommend importing all transactions

Feeding thousands of transactions into QuickBooks is a sure way to crush your system.

Importing all your transactions means you'll likely end up spending needless hours on manual corrections.

It's the fastest way to run into reconciliation issues. What lands in your bank is rarely what you'll find in QuickBooks.

bookkeep.com's app solves all of that for you better than any other app. 

While other apps total up orders and give you a mushed-up batch for the day, we'll batch it the same way Square payments do. You'll get perfect reconciliations each time.

Download the app today if you're ready to do away with manual adjustments, complex Excel hacks or sifting through a tangled web of transactions. 


Common questions

Why is this better than all the other QuickBooks integrations to Square? 

As bookkeepers and accountants ourselves, we know that having too much data in QuickBooks can quickly get messy. We post a simple journal entry to QuickBooks that exactly matches the Finance report in Square. In addition, we post a 2nd journal entry for Square Payments which includes any fees. Then we can actually check your bank account to make sure the deposits match and automatically reconcile.

But wait! Don't I want all my transactions in QuickBooks? 

Nope, QuickBooks was not made to handle large volumes of transactions. It slows down reporting and it overloads the system. You want to keep detail in Square and the summary in QuickBooks.

How easy is this to set up? 

Add our app from inside your Square store then click and connect your QuickBooks Online account. Once connected, you can map your chart of accounts to the main items in the Square finance report. If you get stuck, we can help you from our in-app chat bubble.

Am I locked in once I commit to using the app? 

Absolutely not! You can disconnect the app at any time, and your data will still be yours and be available to you. Plus, you can try our 14-day trial for free before committing.

Reconcile Square payouts to Quickbooks


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Powerful automation with flexible plans

Get started with our 14-day free trial with any one of our regular plans. Switch plans and cancel at any time. You'll never get locked into an annual plan because we want to always provide value.

14-Day Trial

For growing businesses that want to try our services risk-free to see if we're a good fit.


Flat Fee Plan

For businesses that are ready to sign on.

$16.99 / Mo


1 location 

Unlimited transactions  

Reconciles to Square payouts  

Automatically posts to QuickBooks


1 location 

Unlimited transactions  

Reconciles to Square payouts  

Automatically posts to QuickBooks


Add on services

Post historical transactions from as far back as possible for one flat price per month. So if you need to post 6 months worth of transactions, you'll be billed for 6 months.

$16.99 / Mo

Post historical transactions

Some of our fans



I've been searching for a tool to deal with several pain points I had using the native Square + QuickBooks integration...Luckily, I found and gave Bookkeep a try. The initial sync, which I was dreading, worked immaculately.



I was recommended to try this App by one of our App leaders in Liz Scott and I was not disappointed.  Jason was wonderful to work with: he cares and is vested in your success.  



After a year of struggling unsuccessfully with how to tie out Square deposits to charge sales in QuickBooks, this app has saved my books.  I tried other apps that recorded every square transaction, my books were a mess...



Finally we have a proper tool that can be used to ditch Square Sync. If you are a retailer and have 1,000s of transactions per month, the Intuit Square Sync product is just not practical, and it creates accounting nightmares.



When "Sync with Square" was not working for me, these guys provided a solution that works flawlessly... This app and the guys behind it are great and responsive.  I highly recommend this app!



we love them because we can use them for all of our locations! they summarize each day as a journal entry and send daily reports. they also post the deposits with fees removed to match exactly. great service!